JCGHO Clark Lowery Talks About Ireland

Clark Lowery wearing Irish kilt at the JCGHO May 2016 meeting

The Jones County Genealogical and Historical Organization met Saturday, May 28, 2016 at 10 am in the upstairs meeting room at the Laurel-Jones County Library, Commerce Street, Laurel.

The meeting was called to order by President Jean H. Holifield, with prayer by Chaplain Charles Robine, followed by the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States.

Clark Lowery, who has spent 8 years as a minister/counselor while living and working in Ireland, shared some of his experiences. Dressed in kilts, he played briefly some of the Irish music his group, Emerald Accent, play, before telling about Ireland. The extreme cold weather and the brief time the sun shines creates a depression among the residents to the point of a very high suicide rate. The people are very determined and meet together for every occasion for food, fun, music and dancing for the whole family from the oldest to the youngest child. They call the meeting place the Public Community Center, shortened to a familiar term, The Pub.

To the delight of his listeners, Mr. Lowery, spoke some of the Gaelic language, giving the origin and meaning of terms we use daily not knowing their origin, such as “That just cracks me up,” the word crack meaning it was funny.

He also brought cds of the music of his band, several very interesting books, plaques and a vase showing Irish artistic work. Following a question and answer session, Mr. Lowery was thanked for his very entertaining presentation and given a gift.

Refreshments were served. The door prize was won by Lucky 7 on the register, Tammie Newman. It was a gift from Guest Susan Richmond, a handmade necklace.

The meeting was adjourned.